Posted: January 27, 2013 by kwood94xj in Events

The other day someone asked me about building a large H bridge to power some 25+ amp motors. Well after finding this Tutorial I then researched some higher current darlington transistors. These are rated at 50A and 120V up from the TIP-147/142 rating of 10A and 100V the price per BJT is about 7 times higher than the TIP series but if you need high current there is a cost.

PNP transistor link ON Semiconductor  MJ11033G $10.29/ea

NPN transistor link ON Semiconductor  MJ11032G $9.65/ea

These transistors would take the place of the TIP 147 & TIP142 BJT’s other than that the board traces would need beefing up to handle 5x the current. Also since these are in a different package (TO-3 vs TO-220) the board layout would need to be redesigned. I would think about mounting them on large heatsinks then running wires to the board.

  1. fink000 says:

    nice man I was wondering about this. Im sure I will have a ton of questions for you when i start this project. which should be soon as the arcade is now out of the way.

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