Redbull Creation Contest 2013 Here we come!!!!

Posted: April 14, 2013 by kwood94xj in Events

This year UmmDorian was awesome enough to enter us into the 2013 RedBull Creation Contest. This years hardware is called the TURBULL ENCABULATOR!!

“The TurBULL Encabulator is our very own super simple, but extremely complicated, multi-function circuit board designed to give Makers a powerful tool in the creation of controllable LED lighting art and inventions. The Arduino-controllable board features a tri-axis accelerometer, temperature control sensor, as well as a 2nd generation reciprocating dingle arm (no, not really) in a Bulls and Sun shaped circuit board.”

Our TurBULL Encabulator is in the mail and should be here very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!





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